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A few years back, I noticed a trend in the film industry. Less films were being made, yet the ones that were made were often big-budget blockbusters or low-budget independent films based on a novel, comic book, or graphic novel. The trend was and is a logical once since there is already an established audience of fans that would love to see their beloved character from a book, comic or graphic novel come to life on the big screen. I know I feel that way. I love that feeling of excitement I get when I discover that the magic of a story and its characters I have imagined truly living while reading their lives on a printed page of a book is going to come to life on film. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games

I have known many struggling artists over the years (myself included) who have fantastic stories they have developed into screenplays or film treatments, hoping that someone who would read them and find as much excitement and passion in the story and characters as they did when they created them, lived with them, became them. Amazing stories that had yet to be looked upon as a potential film worthy of investment because there was not a built-in audience of readers established to minimize the risk for film investors to take a chance on an unknown or unestablished writer whose name had yet to be discovered. That was when I decided to start NeverMore Publications.


NeverMore Publications was established in 2009 as an independent publishing company dedicated to finding uplifting stories that reflect the journey of the human heart and soul. We became an LLC in 2013. Our company’s mission is to seek out plays and screenplays to develop them into novels and graphic novels to help authors reach a broader audience in all mediums available to them so that the vision of their written words, and passion of their hearts woven onto the page can come to life in a different format. So that these stories can come to you--the audience of readers–who love to read epic stories of love, passion, revenge, action and adventure, with a twist of mystery, horror and humor. Stories that have yet to be told because they were in some other format unavailable to you.


  • Provide an avenue for undiscovered talent to thrive.
  • Ignite the imagination of our readers.
  • Promote literacy in our communities.
  • Change the world…one story at a time.


Stories are meant to be told–in one format or another. I know for myself, it has been a joy to turn the stories from my own screenplays into novels for all to read. It has given me the opportunity to develop the characters far deeper than I could have in a script–in addition to adding back in the darlings I have killed because it made the script too long or added too much detail when there was a need to be more concise. It has also given me a reason to fall in love with the stories all over again and share them…with you.

May you find a new story to imagine, a new character to love, and a new writer to add to your list of favorites. On behalf of our entire team at NeverMore Publications, we thank you for your support!


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