For two hundred years, the realm of the seven kingdoms has been split in two. Separated by hatred, the Lion’s Den and Bird Clan have remained sworn enemies until this very day.

When a famine strikes the lion king’s side of the realm, it is the bird queen’s help that is needed. It is the bird queen’s lands that are wanted, for they can feed all the clans in the realm till the end of time.

But will she help them?

Queen Rebekah has always wanted to lift the Bird Clan up as one of honor, one to be championed rather than despised. And when the lion king’s son falls for the enemy queen, what was once divided may soon become one.

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“Corina Marie Zurcher takes one on a ride full of suspense,,joy,and thought provoking introspection. It was hard to put the book down—very captivating and enthralling! Scott Edward did make the story come alive with his wonderful illustrations. The serious problems of human greed and ego can bring disastrous results and at the same time one courageous soul can save the world with qualities of sacrifice and forgiveness, so to speak! Humanity’s complex issues and simple solutions are wrapped in this story and Corina Marie Zurcher chose the animal kingdom to entertain us with this thrilling story! Different types of animals lead a life of hatred,revenge and self-centered foolishness, focusing on their diversity in their pursuit of proving their clan’s superiority. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel I rather have you read the book and find out for yourself what the story entails and how it unfolds.”



Book 2 in The Legacy Trilogy coming soon!