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Imagining New Worlds...
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NeverMore Publications, LLC

The Legacy Series

A new kind of fairy tale.

"To never have what you thought you wanted, to never be what you dreamed you could be, to give everything and get nothing in return...it is a choice you have to make. Do you engage?" - REGINALD


Book III

Coming Soon!

The Archangels Trilogy

The original good versus evil story.

"Mortal man, I have existed before the beginning of time. I have seen billions of men and women leave this world the same way they came. Some honor their Creator. Some never think upon Him. And some think so much about Him with their anger and pain and rage that their hate marks their souls and taints them with darkness. Your darkness in the light is a marker in our kingdom. We...see...you." - BEELZEBUB

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Book III
Coming soon!


An angel comes to the town of Snow Falls.

"That's all a person's life really is...a multitude of miracles. If you were to examine each day of every year of your life, you'd see nothing but miracles. Heartache turned to joy, defeat turned to victory, sickness turned to health, hard work coming to fruition, tears of pain turned to laughter."


A new Christmas story for a new generation. A story about the misfit son of Santa Claus.

This is the story of Kristofer Kringle Claus XV, the third and youngest son born to Santa Claus. Growing up in the North Pole, surrounded by candy, cookies and toys, one might think "Krissy" was a spoiled child. Not so, dear reader, not so. There were twin older brothers to deal with, allergies to overcome, and torments to endure from his enemies...the elves! Yet somehow, Krissy Claus - along with his part shaggy dog-part abominable snowman pal, Snowflake - survived to tell this tale. This is his story of triumph, his story of hope, his story of what it was like...growing up Claus.

For more information on Growing Up Claus, visit the official website!  


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About Us

NeverMore Publications, LLC is an independent publishing company dedicated to finding uplifting stories that reflect the human heart and soul. Our company's mission is to seek out plays and screenplays to develop them into novels and graphic novels to help authors reach a larger audience with their work. 

On behalf of NeverMore Publications, we thank you - the readers - for your support, your business, and your love for the written word.

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